2012 Projected Buffalo Bills Depth Chart

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1. Ryan Fitzpatrick- His play will ultimately determine how successful this Bills team will be.

2. Vince Young

3. Tyler Thigpen

4. Brad Smith


1. Fred Jackson- I expect Fred Jackson to have another solid year for the Bills this year.

2. CJ Spiller- CJ will have a breakout year. He will be very similar to Ben Tate and his role to Arian Foster (Fred Jackson).

3. Tashard Choice

4. Johnny White


1. Stevie Johnson- Stevie will play well this year, he is determined to win and put up numbers and he can.

2. Donald Jones- Jones has a lot of potential and it will show this year.

3. David Nelson- Nelson was a solid receiver for the Bills last year and will be deadly in the red zone.

4. TJ Graham- Graham will find himself higher on this depth chart as the year goes on.

5. Derek Hagan- The X Factor for the Bills is Derek Hagan. Hagan is very talented and can help this team go a long way.

6. Naaman Roosevelt


1. Corey McIntyre


1. Andy Levitre- Levitre played very well last year and it will continue in 2012.

2. Kraig Urbik

3. Chad Rinehart


1. Erik Pears

2. Cordy Glenn- Glenn is very talented and I believe he will become the #1 tackle for the Bills later in the year.

3. Chris Hairston


1. Eric Wood- The backbone of this strong Bills offensive line is made of Wood.

2. Kraig Urban




1. Mario Williams- Single season sack record…watch out.

2. Mark Anderson- Anderson was such a good pick up. He will make sure the QB is under pressure at all times.

3. Chris Kelsey

4. Shawne Merriman- If Merriman can stay healthy he can really help out this defensive line.


1. Kyle Williams- More pressure on the outside equals more holes in the inside for Kyle.

2. Marcell Dareus- Marcell is a very good DT and it will show in 2012.

3. Dwan Edwards

4. Spencer Johnson


1. Nick Barnett

2. Arthur Moats

3. Kirk Morrison

4. Nigel Bradham


1. Kelvin Sheppard

2. Tank Carder- My favorite draft pick, Carder is talented and will see the field a lot in 2012.

3. Scott McKillop


1. Stephon Gilmore- Gilmore is a top corner and will shut down #1 receiver throughout the league/

2. Aaron Williams- So much talent, yet was hit with the injury bug last year. Watch for a big year out of Williams.

3. Leodis McKelvin

4. Terrence McGee

5. Ron Brooks- Brooks was a quite name in a CB heavy LSU, but has a lot of potential and will help out this team.


1. George Wilson

2. Da’Norris Searcy


1. Jairus Byrd- The interception machine is back.

2. George Wilson


Special Teams:


1. Rian Lindell

2. John Potter- Potter will find himself mostly on kickoffs with his monster leg.


1. Brian Moorman- One of the most consistent and best punters in the NFL is back to pin teams inside the 20.


1. Leodis McKelvin- The Bills have a very fast special teams and it’s all going to start with the play of McKelvin.

2. Brad Smith

3. CJ Spiller

4. Justin Rogers


1. Leodis McKelvin

2. CJ Spiller


How could the Knicks trade away the “Breakthrough Player of the Year.” The answer might be more simple than you think

Jeremy Lin can play basketball well. That became obvious during 2012, especially when he poured in 38 points against the Los Angeles Lakers and even more so when he brought the Knicks out of the Eastern Conference cellar and pushed them back above the .500 mark. It is for this reason that many basketball fans are up in arms over the fact that NYK will probably let Jeremy Lin go to the Houston Rockets.

“How could you let a player who means so much to our franchise walk away,” says Angry Fan X.

“James Dolan is an arrogant asshole who has no idea how to run an NBA franchise,” says Analyst Y.

Let me just go on record and say that this is a smart basketball move for the Knicks. That is not to say that I trust James Dolan or that the Knicks are organizational masterminds, but I will say that I agree with this decision.

First and foremost, Lin is not the first mega star in New York basketball history, and he certainly won’t be the last. The list of New York superstars goes on forever – Ewing, Spreewell, Marbury and on and on and on. Each of these players was viewed as the savior of New York basketball during their time with the Knicks, much like Jeremy Lin. However, the beast of the Big Apple created these saviors and another one will soon fall into Lin’s place. Read the rest of this entry »

College Football 4-Team Playoff Images BCS

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Ok, so we all got what we wanted. A four-team playoff in college football that has been desired for quite some time now. But is it really that much different from the dreaded BCS?

Let’s examine this new four-team playoff scenario.

The 11 conference commissioners and Notre Dame athletic director, Jack Swarbrick, agreed upon a plan to change the landscape of college football so many wanted.  Four teams, chosen by a selection committee, will play two semifinal games at current bowl sites with the winners moving on to the championship game that will go to the highest bidder.

Jerry Jones ought to be happy. He’ll be bidding like a mad man to host the final in his billion dollar playpen.

These semifinal games will rotate among six bowl sites and a rotation of the championship game among neutral sites. Those semifinal games will be played on either New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day with the national title game being played on “Championship Monday” the following week.

We got the basics down. Now, how do we decide who the best four teams are? Here’s where I get deja vu of the BCS.

Along with the playoff format, a selection committee was also agreed upon to choose who gets to play in the playoff. The committee will consider win-loss record, strength of schedule, head-to-head results and whether a team is a conference champion.

Hmmm…isn’t that a spitting image of what the BCS formula was all about? It’s a little bit scary.

It is not going to be easy for the committee to get this right every season. What if we see an undefeated team from the Mountain West? Will they get a chance over a one loss SEC team?

In 2009 we saw Utah go undefeated, beating Alabama from the SEC in the Sugar Bowl. Bama was suppose to roll all over them. Utah didn’t even get the chance to play for the national title that year coming from an inferior conference with a weak strength of schedule. That’s just one example of the problems the committee will have.

In the end, we got what we wanted. Something different from the BCS.

But, is it really that much different?

View from 122…..Bills Blackout Policy….

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Column from the view of a Bills Season ticket holder in section 122

As the news came through this week that the Buffalo Bills will not exercise the league’s new, optional, blackout policy there have been lots of mixed emotions emanating from Bills fans all throughout Western New York.  Many fans seem outraged that the Bills won’t televise games at 85% capacity at the Ralph.  My view on the matter is good for you Buffalo Bills.  The Bills are a small market team that are charging some of the lowest ticket prices in the NFL.  Why should fans be upset at the fact that they expect a full stadium in order for the games to be on TV?

I am speaking from the point of view of a 10 plus year Buffalo Bills season ticket holder, who has not missed attending 1 Bills game during that span.  I just don’t see the argument of the fans upset at the Bills on this issue.  The price for my seasons was $440.  While I totally get that is nothing to sneeze at for some, it is also NOTHING compared to some other cities.  In New York……I mean New Jersey that price is something many pay for each game.

The next thing to think about is that the only games that have not been sold out in recent years are the end of the year matchups where the Bills are already eliminated from the Playoffs.  These are also generally cold weather games around the holiday season.  Are people really bitching that they didn’t get to see the Bills VS the Colts season ender in 2010?

In my honest opinion the Bills allowing home games shown on TV at 85% capacity can only be a bad thing.  It will cause the people on the fence about going decide to hit up their couch and flat screen instead.   For those really bitching about this why don’t loosen up those wallets for the 40 or so dollars it will cost to get a ticket?

Blacking Out

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Don’t you hate it when your favorite football team has a home game, but you can’t watch it because they didn’t sell enough tickets? It’s pretty ridiculous, isn’t it?

Well, this season that might not be the case.

This season the NFL is giving every organization until Sunday to come up with a game plan for blackouts. What I mean by game plan is the league is giving teams an option of televising a game even if the stadium only sold  85% of their tickets in premium sections. Read the rest of this entry »

Unlike the movie industry, the original may not always be the best.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard Kobe Bryant’s claim that this year’s US Men’s Basketball team could beat the original 1992 Dream Team. Before examining this debate, it needs to be noted that Kobe’s comments should come as no surprise; anyone who has heard Bryant’s comments to the press throughout the years knows that the Mamba is supremely confident – he was not “talking trash” or trying to incite any controversy. Regardless, as this year’s Olympics draw closer, I think it is important to examine this claim through a number of lenses.

First, it is important to disregard the margin of victory for the original Dream Team. That team faced much less competition than the 2012 team will. To put it simply, the `92 squad put basketball on the international map and since that summer in Barcelona, the international talent pool has grown immensely. For proof of this trend, just look at the proliferation of top draft picks that have come from across the Atlantic– whether or not those draft picks developed into stars is another question entirely. However, the point remains, one cannot point to the original Dream Team’s win margin as proof that they are better than the 2012 version. Read the rest of this entry »

Even though there has only been two days worth of practice, it is probably safe to say the blue squad is a deeper and more talented bunch than those in gold at Sabres Development Camp.

With an opportunity to watch the gold group’s practice today I noticed that there is a little less flash as compared to the blue team anchored by Mikhail Grigorenko and Zemgus Girgensons. The gold team’s top set of players – Luke Adam, Cody Hodgson and Corey Tropp – certainly has the most fluidity in terms of chemistry, but the rest of the squad lacks the polish of the blue team.

Day two of camp was a little more focused on game scenarios and playing in traffic as compared to day one. There was still a fair amount of flow drills done in the early going, but the latter half of the ice time was primarily centered in a scrimmage setting.

The Adam, Hodgson, Tropp trio was heads and shoulders above the rest of the group during most of the drills. They were particularly dangerous in odd-man situations, shredding the defense on a few occasions during three-on-two drills. They also had success during the final four-on-four scrimmage to close the session.

On the whole, the gold team looked a little disjointed at times during the day and there was certainly an obvious lack of chemistry from top to bottom. I’d venture a guess that two days of 4:30 wakeup calls and SEAL training coupled with a full on-ice practice with conditioning to follow would kick anyone’s ass. So perhaps that, plus the fact that a vast majority of these players have never played together has something to do with the sloppy play. Read the rest of this entry »