Who’s Next?

Posted: December 8, 2011 by J Norman in Baseball

After landing the biggest deal of this year’s MLB offseason with the signing of Albert Pujols, the Angels went ahead and added the left handed CJ Wilson to their rotation.  Sources say that Wilson agreed to a 5 year $77.5 million deal.  After signing both of these All Stars, the Angels have now reached that $170 million a year pay roll, putting them in the same class with the Yankees and Red Sox.

Wilson and Pujols were said to be the top free agents on this year’s market.  That is arguable with players like Jose Reyes available, but regardless, the Angels roster has enhanced significantly for the 2012 season.

Can the Angels take that step forward and become major contenders?  We think so.  Adding these two to anyone’s roster immediately brings you closer to that elite level.  This puts the Angels at the top of our list for AL West Champs and has us seriously looking into a repeat title for Prince Albert.

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  1. MountainThrust says:

    still dont think their lineup will be good enough. he should have gone to fl. eat a dick pretty boy

  2. MountainThrust says:

    and don’t moderate all the comments, that’s horse shit. any publicity is good publicity. and dont’ make me put my email every time i wanna tell you to fuck off

  3. All-WNY says:

    I still think Texas is the team to beat. Even with Pujols in the Angels lineup I still give the edge to the Rangers. They outscored the Angels by 200 runs last year. One player cannot fix that. However, the Angels rotation may be the best in the game now. 3 number 1 starters, and a solid min guy in Santana who has number 1 guy stuff. Should be a fun race. Just hurts the Red Sox chances of earning extra wild card spot.

  4. To Mountain Thrust: I don’t CJ Wilson is even close to being the best pitcher in the league. He’s not even the best on his own team. But I do think having a hard throwing lefty in the rotation never hurts. I do enjoy watching the Rangers, but they can’t win it this year with the rotation that they have. Angels are taking the West.

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