Swag Daddy

Posted: December 29, 2011 by J Norman in NFL
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Tom Brady has been my favorite player in the league for a while now and I am constantly ridiculed for having this sports crush on pretty boy Tom.  I may have developed a new,totally heterosexual, obsession with another player this year.  HAM Cam Newton is my definition of a Swag Daddy.  Kid is a flat out stud.  I think he might be the most confident player in the league and he wears it with pride.  He is a rookie and his offensive production is through the roof.  He has to be a lock for rookie of the year with Cincy’s Andy Dalton following up behind.  Kid is as clean cut as they come and I flat out love that about him!  No tattoos, no piercings, clean hair cut all the time, and just a professional attitude about everything.  I love so much that he is not marked up like every other athlete with ridiculous tattoos and blinged out earrings.   That’s Pretty Boy Swaggin’ for you.

HAM Cam was denied a spot to this year’s Pro Bowl and the man to fill his role is that of Eli Manning.  I, myself, am not a huge Eli fan.  I think he is talented and really proved himself but his bad games are just flat out bad.  The arguments are there:  Eli took his team to be playoff contenders, Cam’s team fell short, their stats are similar (passing), and Eli has a bit more of a professional reputation.  However, you can’t look past the fact that Cam Newton is going to throw for over 4,000 yards this season as a rookie, he has 20 passing TDs and 14 rushing giving him a total of 34, he has rushed for 674 yards, he has reemerged Steve Smith’s career, and is the sole reason that the Panthers are going to double their amount of points scored from this season to last.  While Eli has thrown for 4,587 yards and thrown for 26 TDs I still think I give the edge to my boy for the Pro Bowl ballot on this one.

Part of the reason I can say I am on board on the Cam Newton bandwagon is due to Philip Rivers’ terrible season.  In this year’s fantasy draft with my boys, I decided to make a bold pick and take Philip Rivers as my quarterback this year while there were still better options on the table.  I thought the Bolts were a shoe in to win their division and had a great chance to be in this year’s final dance and that Rivers would have his best career year.  Along with Rivers’ let down came the Chargers’ right behind.  San Diego will not make the playoffs this season and might be one of this year’s biggest disappointments.  That being said, I picked up Cam Newton on waivers after his astounding week 1 performance.  I admit that he rode the pine on my roster for a bit in fear that his rookie symptoms were sure to stand out.  Come week 5 or 6 Cam has been my everyday starter for all the right reasons.

Just watch him…  His strut, his swagger, his cockiness, his composure, his demeanor, his child-like attitude.  He is just fun to watch.  Always smiling, always having fun and is just a mammoth of a man.  Cam stands in at 6’5 ft tall and 248 lbs. and has the athletic ability of Lebron James.

How many kids are going to start being the Panthers when they play Madden because of Cam Newton?  How many peoples’ fantasy rosters were boosted because of him?  How many rookie records does the kid need to break?  How much swag does Cam Newton have?  Too much.  Cam is going to have some serious successes for the rest of his career and I will most certainly be there rooting for him.

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