No Post Season for Sabres

Posted: April 6, 2012 by Wolfman ~ Unleashed in NHL
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No post season for Buffalo, 6 out of the last 10 seasons. It all came crashing down last night in Philadelphia. 2-1 was the final, Flyers down a goal after 2 periods were able to put a nail in the coffin to solidify a dismal 2012 campaign.

The man pictured above must be held accountable. A team that started off with such promise under new ownership ran into 2 and a half months of pure hockey hell.

Ted Black, the brash Team President with all the success of being in Pittsburgh during the early Crosby years in my opinion is also to blame for this epic collapse. The Boston Red Sox finish to the 2011 season is the only other team I can compare the 2012 Buffalo Sabres too. The only difference is the Sabres sunk mid-season and there was plenty of time to right the ship. The Sox were out of time to help a struggling club.

Why wasn’t Black kicking Regier into making moves back when the team needed a spark. Marcus Foligno spent way too much time down on the farm. We kept the revolving door open for Zack Kassian who had his head in the clouds for 90% of the time he was in Buffalo. Foligno, all blood and guts has been as consistent as any player on the roster. He has shown up each night. Why wasn’t he here sooner? I am pleased to see we were able to pluck Cody Hodgson (22) in the deal but Kassian could have and should have been moved earlier.

I believe Brian Burke when he says publicly Darcy Regier isn’t someone you want to deal with because he isn’t willing to give up a top 6 forward for a top 6 forward. That reason alone should have the Sabres making a move on Darcy.

Tell me this, why should we believe in the Pegula regime anymore then when we believed that Thomas Golisano was going to change the identity of the franchise? Make moves, spend money, win at all cost. We were promised that over and over. When the Sabres hit the skids in the winter they did not react and it cost them the post season. This team was playing as well as any team in the league in February and March. Why is it unfathomable to think they could move deep in the playoffs this year and be a threat to win the Cup?

Ryan Miller IMO is one of the best if not the best goaltender in the NHL. When you have a goaltender minding the net and a team firing on all cylinders in the Spring that is a deadly combination.

They gave up too many points, not registering 1 in 12 straight road games. That’s inexcusable and only acceptable if you are living in Columbus or on Long Island. Winnipeg although much improved are still the Atlanta Thrashers.

Black isn’t going anywhere but I do think Darcy should be dumped….TODAY!

And how can you truly say Black was the mastermind in Pittsburgh. The man had Sidney Crosby and Evgeny Malikin if you don’t win with those two All-Stars then you don’t deserve it. Let’s not forget he was there through the bankruptcy years and it was only after he landed these superstars as part of a lottery. He wasn’t scouting talent there he was trying to secure television rights for FSN Pittsburgh. Sound like a Rigas guy to me.

Sour Grapes today for a lot of Sabres fans and I am one of them. This team was good enough to compete for the Cup. Don’t give me that excuse that “well Myers and Ehrhoff got injured” crap. That’s garbage. Who the hell can predict that back in November when a shot in the arm was needed by Sabres management. That is what this is all about. Incompetence when action was needed to be taken. Darcy asleep at the wheel or Brian Burke was right, nobody willing to dance with Regier. Those 2 factors require only a box for Darcy’s things.



  1. Catager says:

    This article is a joke. The ONLY person that has to be fired is LINDY RUFF. How his name isn’t mentioned in the article shows how horrible judgement and very poor journalism. Is it Regier’s fault that Lindy kept Fogligno in the minors all year. Ruff is a horrible coach and motivator. Ruff doesn’t want role players, he wants robots. He has never been to the playoffs without exceptional goaltending because he can’t coach.

    • Lindy Ruff does not make the decisions on who to bring up and when. It’s a management decision. Lindy coaches the players on the ice. Why would a Coach willingly let a player spend anymore time in the Minors when they can be helping the big club? Makes no sense.

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