Los Angeles Kings: Stanley Cup Champions

Posted: June 13, 2012 by Gibs in NHL
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The Kings completed their cinderella run in convincing fashion when they defeated the Devils 6-1 in six games.

Los Angeles had the game in control when they scored three goals on Steve Bernier’s game misconduct hit on Rob Scuderi. Those three power play goals fueled the Kings to go on an offensive rampage which led to their first Stanley Cup in franchise history.

The story of how the Kings pulled this Stanley Cup victory off is incredible.

With only 14 games left in the regular season the Kings were in 11th place, and didn’t earn a spot in the postseason until game number 81. That’s number 81 out of 82.

Once Los Angeles entered the playoffs, there was no stopping them. The Kings are the first ever eight seed to win the Stanley Cup, the first team to defeat the top three seeds in it’s conference, they’re the first team to win the first three games in each series including the first two on the road (The Kings went 10-1 on the road in the postseason).

The Kings got out to a 2-0 lead with back-to-back 2-1 victories, and both came in overtime. Kopitar ended game one on a breakaway, beating Brodeur on his blocker side. Jeff Carter was the hero in game two creating a rush in the Devils zone, throwing the puck on net, and following the play resulting in a goal.

Los Angeles had one game plan in this series: Shoot on Brodeur’s blocker side. Almost every goal the Kings scored was on Marty’s stick side.

After listing all of those insane playoff stats I listed about the Kings, I have to give the Devils credit as well. New Jersey is the only team to beat the Kings twice in a playoff series this postseason. The Kings beat Vancouver 4-1, St. Louis 4-0, and Phoenix 4-1. The Devils were the only team to take two games from the Kings (Devils won game 4 and 5). New Jersey is also the only team to beat the Kings when playing at home. Los Angeles was nearly unbeatable when they played on the road, but the Devils were able to win their first game when the odds were heavily against them.

This was a great run by the Kings, and it’s a great story. The first ever eight seed to win a Stanley Cup. 10-1 on the road. A team that almost missed the playoffs by one game, then takes home the Cup. Los Angeles just proved what the NHL playoffs are all about. If you make the postseason, you essentially have the same chance to win it all, one seed, four seed, and like the Kings just proved–an eight seed. Unlike the NBA and NFL, the NHL has so much talent spread around so many organizations that almost anyone can take the Championship home.

The Kings deserve all the credit in the world. They were warriors on the road, stayed focused, well disciplined, and for that they’re Stanley Cup Champions.

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